Network Requirements

Antrea has a few network requirements to get started, ensure that your hosts and firewalls allow the necessary traffic based on your configuration.

Configuration Host(s) ports/protocols Other
Antrea with VXLAN enabled All UDP 4789
Antrea with Geneve enabled All UDP 6081
Antrea with STT enabled All TCP 7471
Antrea with GRE enabled All IP Protocol ID 47 No support for IPv6 clusters
Antrea with IPsec ESP enabled All IP protocol ID 50 and 51, UDP 500 and 4500
Antrea with WireGuard enabled All UDP 51820
All kube-apiserver host TCP 443 or 6443*
All All TCP 10349, 10350, 10351

* The value passed to kube-apiserver using the –secure-port flag. If you cannot locate this, check the targetPort value returned by kubectl get svc kubernetes -o yaml.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.