Deploying Antrea on Minikube

Install Minikube

Follow these steps to install minikube and set its development environment.

Deploy Antrea

Deploy Antrea to Minikube cluster

# curl is required because --cni flag does not accept URL as a parameter
curl -Lo https://github.com/antrea-io/antrea/releases/download/<TAG>/antrea.yml
minikube start --cni=antrea.yml --network-plugin=cni

Deploy a local build of Antrea to Minikube cluster (for developers)

These instructions assume that you have built the Antrea Docker image locally (e.g. by running make from the root of the repository, or in case of arm64 architecture by running DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 ./hack/build-antrea-ubuntu-all.sh --platform linux/arm64).

# load the Antrea Docker image in the minikube nodes
minikube image load projects.registry.vmware.com/antrea/antrea-ubuntu:latest
# deploy Antrea
kubectl apply -f antrea/build/yamls/antrea.yml


After a few seconds you should be able to observe the following when running kubectl get pods -l app=antrea -n kube-system:

NAME                                 READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
antrea-agent-9ftn9                   2/2     Running   0          66m
antrea-controller-56f97bbcff-zbfmv   1/1     Running   0          66m

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.