Antctl Multi-cluster commands

Starting from version 1.6.0, Antrea supports the antctl mc commands, which can collect information from a leader cluster in a ClusterSet, for troubleshooting issues in an Antrea Multi-cluster ClusterSet.

All antctl Multi-cluster commands can only run correctly after deploying Antrea Multi-cluster successfully.

  • antctl mc get clusterset (or get clustersets) command can print all ClusterSets, a specified Clusterset, or the ClusterSet in a specified leader cluster Namespace.
  • antctl mc get resourceimport (or get resourceimports, get ri) command can print all ResourceImports, a specified ResourceImport, or ResourceImports in a specified Namespace.
  • antctl mc get resourceexport (or get resourceexports, get re) command can print all ResourceExports, a specified ResourceExport, ResourceExports in a specified Namespace, or ResourceExports in a specific member cluster.

Using the json or yaml antctl output format can print more information of ClusterSet, ResourceImport, and ResourceExport than using the default table output format.

antctl mc get clusterset [NAME] [-n NAMESPACE] [-o json|yaml] [-A]
antctl mc get resourceimport [NAME] [-n NAMESPACE] [-o json|yaml] [-A]
antctl mc get resourceexport [NAME] [-n NAMESPACE] [-clusterid CLUSTERID] [-o json|yaml] [-A]

To see the usage examples of these commands, you may also run antctl mc get [subcommand] --help.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.