Cherry-picks to release branches

Some Pull Requests (PRs) which fix bugs in the main branch of Antrea can be identified as good candidates for backporting to currently maintained release branches (using a Git cherry-pick), so that they can be included in subsequent patch releases. If you have authored such a PR (thank you!!!), one of the Antrea maintainers may comment on your PR to ask for your assistance with that process. This document provides the steps you can use to cherry-pick your change to one or more release branches, with the help of the cherry-pick script.

For information about which changes are good candidates for cherry-picking, please refer to our versioning policy.


  • A PR which was approved and merged into the main branch.
  • The PR was identified as a good candidate for backporting by an Antrea maintainer: they will label the PR with action/backport and comment a list of release branches to which the patch should be backported (example: release-1.0).
  • Have the Github CLI installed (version >= 1.3) and make sure you authenticate yourself by running gh auth.
  • Your own fork of the Antrea repository, and a clone of this fork with two remotes: the origin remote tracking your fork and the upstream remote tracking the upstream Antrea repository. If you followed our recommended Github Workflow, this should already be the case.

Cherry-pick your changes

  • Set the GITHUB_USER environment variable.

  • Optional If your remote names do not match our recommended Github Workflow, you must set the UPSTREAM_REMOTE and FORK_REMOTE environment variables.

  • Run the cherry-pick script

    This example applies a main branch PR #2134 to the remote branch upstream/release-1.0:

    hack/cherry-pick-pull.sh upstream/release-1.0 2134

    If the cherry-picked PR does not apply cleanly against an old release branch, the script will let you resolve conflicts manually. This is one of the reasons why we ask contributors to backport their own bug fixes, as their participation is critical in case of such a conflict.

The script will create a PR on Github for you, which will automatically be labelled with kind/cherry-pick. This PR will go through the normal testing process, although it should be very quick given that the original PR was already approved and merged into the main branch. The PR should also go through normal CI testing. In some cases, a few CI tests may fail because we do not have dedicated CI infrastructure for past Antrea releases. If this happens, the PR will be merged despite the presence of CI test failures.

You will need to run the cherry pick script separately for each release branch you need to cherry-pick to. Typically, cherry-picks should be applied to all maintained release branches for which the fix is applicable.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.