Antrea API

This document lists all the API resource versions currently or previously supported by Antrea, along with information related to their deprecation and removal when appropriate. It is kept up-to-date as we evolve the Antrea API.

Starting with the v1.0 release, we decided to group all the Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) defined by Antrea in a single API group, crd.antrea.io, instead of grouping CRDs logically in different API groups based on their purposes. The rationale for this change was to avoid proliferation of API groups. As a result, all resources in the crd.antrea.io are versioned individually, while before the v1.0 release, we used to have a single version number for all the CRDs in a given group: when introducing a new version of the API group, we would “move” all CRDs from the earlier version to the new version together. This explains why the tables below are presented differently for crd.antrea.io and for other API groups.

For information about the Antrea API versioning policy, please refer to this document.


CRDs in crd.antrea.io

These are the CRDs currently available in crd.antrea.io.

CRD CRD version Introduced in Deprecated in / Planned Deprecation Planned Removal
AntreaAgentInfo v1beta1 v1.0.0 N/A N/A
AntreaControllerInfo v1beta1 v1.0.0 N/A N/A
ClusterGroup v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
ClusterNetworkPolicy v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
Egress v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
ExternalEntity v1alpha2 v1.0.0 N/A N/A
ExternalIPPool v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
ExternalNode v1alpha1 v1.8.0 N/A N/A
IPPool v1alpha2 v1.4.0 v2.0.0 N/A
IPPool v1beta1 v2.0.0 N/A N/A
Group v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
NetworkPolicy v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
SupportBundleCollection v1alpha1 v1.10.0 N/A N/A
Tier v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
Traceflow v1beta1 v1.13.0 N/A N/A
TrafficControl v1alpha2 v1.7.0 N/A N/A

Other API groups

These are the API group versions which are currently available when using Antrea.

API group API version API Service? Introduced in Deprecated in / Planned Deprecation Planned Removal
controlplane.antrea.io v1beta2 Yes v1.0.0 N/A N/A
stats.antrea.io v1alpha1 Yes v1.0.0 N/A N/A
system.antrea.io v1beta1 Yes v1.0.0 N/A N/A


Previously-supported API groups

API group API version API Service? Introduced in Deprecated in Removed in
core.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1alpha1 No v0.8.0 v0.11.0 v0.11.0
networking.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1beta1 Yes v0.3.0 v0.10.0 v1.2.0
controlplane.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1beta1 Yes v0.10.0 v0.11.0 v1.3.0
clusterinformation.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1beta1 No v0.3.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0
core.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1alpha2 No v0.11.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0
controlplane.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1beta2 Yes v0.11.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0
ops.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1alpha1 No v0.8.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0
security.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1alpha1 No v0.8.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0
stats.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1alpha1 Yes v0.10.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0
system.antrea.tanzu.vmware.com v1beta1 Yes v0.5.0 v1.0.0 v1.6.0

Previously-supported CRDs

CRD CRD version Introduced in Deprecated in Removed in
ClusterGroup v1alpha2 v1.0.0 v1.1.0 v2.0.0
ClusterGroup v1alpha3 v1.1.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
ClusterNetworkPolicy v1alpha1 v1.0.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
Egress v1alpha2 v1.0.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
ExternalEntity v1alpha1 v0.10.0 v0.11.0 v2.0.0
ExternalIPPool v1alpha2 v1.2.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
Group v1alpha3 v1.8.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
NetworkPolicy v1alpha1 v1.0.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
Tier v1alpha1 v1.0.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0
Traceflow v1alpha1 v1.0.0 v1.13.0 v2.0.0

Getting Started

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