Antrea Governance

This document defines the project governance for Antrea.

This is a Work in Progress, documenting approximately how we plan to operate the project.


Antrea is committed to building an open, inclusive, productive and self-governing open source community focused on building a high-quality Kubernetes Network Plugin. The community is governed by this document which defines how all members should work together to achieve this goal.

Code of Conduct

The Antrea community abides by this code of conduct.

Community Roles

  • Users: Members that engage with the Antrea community via any medium (Slack, GitHub, mailing lists, etc.).
  • Contributors: Do regular contributions to the Antrea project (documentation, code reviews, responding to issues, participating in proposal discussions, contributing code, etc.).
  • Maintainers: Responsible for the overall health and direction of the project. They are the final reviewers of PRs and responsible for Antrea releases.


Anyone can contribute to the project (e.g. open a PR) as long as they follow the guidelines in CONTRIBUTING.md.


The list of current maintainers can be found in MAINTAINERS.md.

Maintainers have write access to the repository. While anyone can review a PR - and is welcome to do so -, only maintainers can leave an approving review, which will allow the PR to be merged.

New maintainers must be nominated from contributors by an existing maintainer and must be elected by a supermajority of the current maintainers. Likewise, maintainers can be removed by a supermajority of the maintainers or can resign by notifying the maintainers.


A supermajority is defined as two-thirds of members in the group.

Updating Governance

All substantive changes in Governance require a supermajority vote of the maintainers.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.