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This is the homepage for the official live upstream focused stream sponsored by @ProjectAntrea. LIVE NOTES:

Date Show Guests Recording
11/27/2021 Antrea, Carvel, and Tanzu AddonsManager Jon, Dmitry, Arun
11/17/2021 1.4.0 features + Tanzu FeatureGates none
11/10/2021 Multus, Whereabouts, and Telco CNI paradigms none
11/3/2021 ovs metrics + a kubeproxy bug none
10/27/2021 1.3.0 + FQDN + k8snetlook 1.3 sarun87

Weekly antrea live-stream about all thinkgs CNI and Kubernetes...

  • the CNI ecosystem
  • the Antrea project
  • OpenVSWitch
  • Multi-OS Networking
  • and more !

New show instructions/checklist

  1. login to streamyard to start scheduling the show for 4pm EST , wednesday (ask yash/jay for details)
  2. login to and make an antrea-live youtube thumbnail
  1. Schedule a show on youtube, copy the link, use the above file as the thumbnail
  • for 4PM EST on WEDNESDAY
  1. add a new directory for the episode like antrea-LIVE/10-27-2022/ and save the link.
  2. update the markdown table above with
  • the SHORT youtube link
  • the title i.e. Antrea LIVE: Episode 1 (Antrea 1.3.0, FQDN, and K8sNetlook)
  • the date
  1. Tweet! i.e.
HEY ! This WEDNESDAY on @ProjectAntrea Antrea-LIVE, 
me and @YBhutwala will be runnin AntreaProxy (w/ kube proxy 100% off) + 
diggin into @VMwareTanzu 's CNI FeatureGates are powered 
by the underlying @carvel_dev stack! 
See yall in 2 days at 4pm EST / 1 PM PST !

Want to help?

Join the show, and ask random questions:

  • like and subscribe if you enjoy it - this will help us to justify the continued time investment and grow the open antrea community.
  • run a show! you don't need to be an expert, just reach out to jayunit100 or yashbhutwala in #antrea on
  • like or subscribe to the youtube videos to spread the news about antrea-LIVE!
  • suggest an episode topic by adding an issue on this repository!

Want to run a show?

If you are a guest interested in doing a show:

  1. ping @jayunit100 or @yashbhutwala on project-antrea slack channel (
  2. make a PR here adding your show / date info
  3. We'll schedule the youtube together