Deploying Antrea in AWS EKS

This document describes steps to deploy Antrea in NetworkPolicy only mode to an AWS EKS cluster.

Assuming you already have an EKS cluster, and have KUBECONFIG environment variable point to the kubeconfig file of that cluster.

With Antrea >=v0.9.0 release, you should apply antrea-eks-node-init.yaml before deploying Antrea. This would restart existing PODs (except in host network) so that Antrea can also manage it, once installed. kubectl apply -f

To deploy a released version of Antrea, pick a version from the list of releases. Note that EKS support was added in release 0.5.0, which means you can not pick a release older than 0.5.0. For any given release <TAG> (e.g. v0.5.0), get the Antrea EKS deployment yaml at:<TAG>/antrea-eks.yml

To deploy the latest version of Antrea (built from the master branch) to EKS, get the Antrea EKS deployment yaml at:

kubectl apply -f antrea-eks.yaml

Now Antrea should be plugged into the EKS CNI and is ready to enforce NetworkPolicy.

Getting Started

To help you get started, see the documentation.